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Welcome To FriarChef

Welcome to Friar Chef – a Spiritual Video series where faith, food, and Friars are the main ingredients! A little-known secret about the friars – they love to cook, and they love to eat. Most people don’t realize that friars are pretty good chefs.

We invite you to meet the Friars of Holy Name Province as they share their family stories and recipes and dishes from their diverse cultural backgrounds.  Each month we will send new video recipes to your inbox – each featuring different friars preparing simple, tasty, family-friendly meals and desserts. We know that you will love these recipes, and they are effortless to make – delicious, quick and easy  – the perfect Franciscan combination!

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"We believe food is one of the things that tie us together and keeps us connected.
Food helps us appreciate our differences."

FriarChef: Season 1

Meet The Friars

FriarChef: Season 2

Lenten Recipes We Love

FriarChef: Season 3

Best Backyard Barbecue

FriarChef: Season 4

Savory Fall Favorites

Our Channels

Friar Chef

Meet our Friars as they share family recipes and dishes from their diverse cultural backgrounds. Friar Chef is where faith, food, and friars are the main ingredients.

Friar Art

Join Fr. Michael Reyes, OFM, on this part history-part spiritual reflection series as we journey through some of history’s greatest compositions and their masters. 

Join the Franciscan Friars as we celebrate Live Mass, partake in Feast Day celebrations, Devotions and Novenas, and enjoy many other Spiritual Videos.

The mission of Breaking In The Habit is to evangelize and catechize in the Franciscan spirit in order to promote faith, energize communities, inspire active involvement, and encourage vocations to consecrated life.

Two Franciscan friars. One Internet. Hilarity and wisdom ensues. Featuring Fr. Casey Cole, OFM and Fr. Patrick Tuttle, OFM.

ReceIve Updates From Franciscan TV

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